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New to the community? Start here.

Why are we here? 

Our goal is to offer you the most impactful community that helps you find answers, support, and inspiration from other Atera users. Find out how to get expert support from your peers, crowdsource best practices, network with others, and get rewarded on the Atera Community.

To get things started, start by reading our Community Guidelines and then introduce yourself to the community! 


  1. Read the community guidelines 
  2. Create your profile 
  3. Introduce yourself 
  4. Write a post or ask a question 

What you get: 

  1. Access to our community (#network) 
  2. Updates on products and feature requests 
  3. Events 
  4. Groups 
  5. Access to our Knowledge Base 
  6. Goodies aka SWAAAAG! 

Nina, Social & Community Lead