Document Mangement/Password Management

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Does anyone have suggestions on solutions for Document/Password Management?

We currently use ITGlue, which works well, but we do not like working with Kaseya. Also, the password side of things is okay but not great, and the cellphone app is trash.

Does anyone use Hudu? How does that compare to ITGlue?

Ultimately I would love to see Atera add more features to the Document Management side of the platform with the fields and customization of ITGlue/Hudu instead of what is currently there. Also, the password manager in Atera is pretty useless without the ability to store 2FA codes shared between techs. Sorry Atera team! I hope this makes it to someone in charge of that development so it gets implemented soon.


  • damper
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    Even a basic DM feature could be a good one to work on.

  • rob.williams
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    Documentation management has been on the features board "under review" for a very long time. I really hope it's on the roadmap for sometime soon!

  • youritresults
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    We were with IT Glue but have just been running out the clock for the last for months after an autorenewal we gave up fighting. We are using Syncmonkey and loving it. It isn't at IT Glues feature set yet but the uptime has been great and it has all the features we need. The 2FA built into shared passwords makes sharing accounts much easier. Happy to make an introduction if you would like.

  • tanderson
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    @youritresults I will check it out; thanks! I would love to get away from Kaseya all together. Their support has been awful.

  • bahlquist
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    I'm brand new to Atera and admittedly haven't looked at the password manager or documentation features yet. I use 1Password at home and at work (they give you free personal licenses when you buy enterprise) - it's absolutely great. For documentation at work we're still pretty basic with a library of Word docs. It's functional, but definitely lacking. In my homelab I already had an apache server for side work and decided to experiment with using a MediaWiki instance for all that documentation - it's fantastic, but there's definite overhead in keeping it running, up to date, secure, etc.

    Here's to hoping Atera's documentation feature is worth using! It would certainly be nice to level up from Word docs.

  • tanderson
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    @youritresults Syncmonkey looks pretty good. Much cleaner than ITGlue and much, much cheaper. It's too bad it doesn't have more integration. Thanks for the suggestion.