Sharepoint External User Sharing

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I need help resolving an issue sharing a SharePoint site with external domain users.

I have a client that works closely with one of their clients. They asked me to set up a SharePoint site and include their internal members and a few of their client's employees. Not a problem.

I set up the SharePoint site and created the external users in Azure as "guests" who have access to the SharePoint site as a "Member," meaning they have edit access.

They all received the email to accept to be a "guest" member of Azure and, in return, have access to what is shared with them.

I then edited the SharePoint site permissions to allow each "Guest," and now, when searching, those users appear as an option inside our client's permission list. I have allowed each "Guest" access to the SharePoint site.

However, when they go to the link for the SharePoint site, this is the error they receive:

Something went wrong

We're sorry, sign-in isn't working right now. But we're on it! Please try again later.If this problem persists, contact your support team and include these technical details:

Correlation ID: 70670aa1-40ef-4000-ebd7-2ddfeee0fcdd

Date and Time: 2/10/2024 10:31:48 AM



Issue Type: Unknown issue.

The URL and User info I removed for sensitivity reasons.

I used the steps below to help me set up this sharing. However, the person who wrote it did not do a great job of explaining things/ Microsoft has changed where most of these settings are. Probably Microsoft.

To give an external user access to an entire SharePoint online library requires the following:

  • URL of the library that needs to be shared
  • Email address of the external user

Then you need to 

  1. For the 365 tenant check Azure active directory, to see if the external user already has a Guest account (if you can't do the following steps, you can share just one file from the library with the user, have them view it, and this creates the Azure account, once they've done it).
    1. search for external user email address
    2. if the user doesn't exist then click the "new guest user"
      1. choose invite user
      2. the external user will get an email, they have to click the "Accept invitation" link at the bottom
    3. in Azure AD you'll see that their account now says "invitation accepted" = Yes
      1. I ask the user to let me know that they've been redirected to
  2. Now that the account exists you can share the library with it
    1. Go to the library URL , click the cog, click Library settings link
    2. click "Permissions for this document library"
    3. click "Grant permissions"
    4. click "invite people", enter the external user's email address, it should then resolve to the first name lastname from Azure AD
      1. click "show options"
      2. select the options you need this user to have 
    5. click Share
  3. The user will get another email, that has a link to the library and they should have access.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated!